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Thu, 06/16/2022 - 00:00

Well, we are glad you asked!

Our agency is in the process of working with ITS for a new renewal and application portal. The new portal differs significantly from what you are used to if you have renewed online. The new renewal portal will allow you to enter your continuing education throughout the year. So basically, it will store it for you. Once it is time for you to renew, you can submit, pay the fee, and even access your certificate and card online. We will no longer mail cards and certificates. It will be accessible in your account online. Your certificate will update online each renewal period just as your card will. 

The application component will allow new and upgrading applicants to apply online. Yes, we are striving to be 100% paperless. 

You will also be able to update your own address in the system as well as an email address. 

As a courtesy, we will continue to mail renewal notifications via USPS, however, we will no longer mail paper renewal forms and continuing education reports that have been mailed out in the past. The new system will automatically email renewal notices twice to remind our licensees to renew so it is important to always keep a current email address in the system for notification purposes. 

We are also getting ready to launch our own background check processing, which will cut the current processing time from 4 to 6 weeks, down to hopefully as quick as 2 days. YES, 2 DAYS!!

We submitted proposed Rules and Regulations changes and will have the new changes posted once the final rules have been approved.

We are ecstatic about the new changes and hope you all will be too! We encourage you to check here on RECENT NEWS periodically for updates. It is the best way to keep all of our applicants and licensees updated with Board news.