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Background Check

Fingerprint Based Criminal History Record Information Check



As of July 1, 2011, Mississippi Statute 73-53-11 requires a fingerprint based criminal history record information check and a sex offender registry check for each applicant for licensure. That includes new applicants for licensure, applicants for licensure by reciprocity/endorsement, licensees upgrading to a higher level of licensure or applicants for reinstatement.


Beginning July 1, 2020, current licensees who are renewing their license and do not have a fingerprint criminal history record information check on file with the Board must submit to a fingerprint criminal history record information check. ( See Part 1902, Rule 4.2, B, 5. d. and Part 1903, Rule 4.2 , E. of the Board’s  rules and regulations regarding social workers and marriage and family therapists)


INSTRUCTIONS: Complete this form and return to our office. Once this form is received with payment, we will mail you a fingerprint card. After getting your fingerprints added onto the card, be sure to fill out the descriptive information including signing the card, printing your name, your date of birth and social security number (as these spots are often overlooked). The fully completed card should be mailed to: Mississippi Board of Examiners for SW/MFT, P.O. Box 4508, Jackson, MS 39296-4508. Please do not allow the fingerprints to smudge.